Here are a few reviews Candace has received from around the country!



“Her insight and honesty is what lets her portray Nabulungi to perfection—be it the enunciation of a Ugandan accent (and I’m relying on its rightful portrayal by the director) or her captivation with the idea of leaving to a land of promises—Salt Lake City.” -The Triangle, Bhavya Sharma


“As Nabulungi, Candace Quarrels conveys a sweet and trusting persona. She has a powerful voice that is achingly sweet in the hopeful "Sal Tlay Ka Siti," her accented ode to the paradise she believes is in Salt Lake City, Utah.” -Allentown Morning Call, Kathy Williams


“But the knockout voice of the show belongs to Candace Quarrels' fetching Nabulungi, daughter of the village chief who could do no wrong.” -Providence Journal, Channing Gray


“If I had to put money on an actor in the current touring cast whose career is nearing a conversion, I’d go with Candace Quarrels, who stars as the Ugandan ingénue. She’s just a sophomore at Belmont University, but has a sweet voice and naïve sincerity you never doubt.” -Washington City Paper, Rebecca Ritzel


“Quarrels brings a sweet innocence to the role of Nabulungi (whose name seems to change endlessly throughout the show as Elder Cunningham calls her everything from Neosporin to Necrophilia), making her a lovable and sympathetic character amongst a crowd of hardly relatable, though hilarious punchlines.” -Broadway World Providence, Katelyn Corp



“Candace Quarrels is a knockout as Nabulungi, the African maiden whom Elder Cunningham falls for. And for good reason. She's funny, sweet, real, charismatic and has a voice that you only come across once in a great while. I don't know where she's been (the bio says she's out of Belmont University in Nashville), but I do know where she is going. Straight to the top.” - Hartford Courant, Frank Rizzo